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Student and Assignment Management

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My Web TA is designed to be the teaching assistant you've always wanted. We're passionate about making your life easier as a teacher. With our online system, any classroom that allows students to connect to the internet can create, edit, grade and manage assignments online.

There's no need for an entire school or department to sign up. No big software contracts or commitments. Try it out and see for yourself.

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Robust Support for Assignments

  • Upload PDFs with your favorite worksheets and curriculum.
  • Draw answer boxes on the digital documents with click-and-drag.
  • Answer boxes can be multiple choice, text, or drawing.
  • Multiple choice answers are easily configurable for True/False, A/B/C/D, or "word bank."
  • Assign to sections, groups, or individual students.
  • Easily make assignments hidden, viewable, or editable.

Classroom Management Tools

  • Assignments are distributed and collected automatically.
  • Classwork can be graded with one-click for complete/incomplete.
  • Participation score can be quickly calculated from classwork scores.
  • Lesson planning composing agenda, announcements, classwork, homework and private notes.


  • Grade by answer (e.g. all question #3) or by student (e.g. Maria Perez)
  • Keyboard shortcuts available for faster grading.
  • Key/student answer displayed together in grade-by-answer pivot.
  • Automatically grade multiple choice answers from key.
  • Manage and apply quick feedback like "-1 for missing units."
  • View aggregate scores by answer to evaluate student's understanding strengths/weaknesses.
  • Can be shared or outsourced to others more easily.

Built for Teaching

  • Update, view, edit and grade assignments.
  • Aware of assignment types (e.g. during a Test, other assignments are not accessible).
  • Supports groups in sections for test forms and projects.
  • View student work as its completed. Review it anonymized for the whole class.
  • Calendar support for creating and managing class schedules.
  • Calendar support for viewing assignment's assign/due times.
  • Scales to thousands of assignments and millions of answers.
  • Never lose assignments (unlike paper).

We're passionate about making your life easier as a teacher. You can take your classroom paperless today. If that interests you, then leave your email address below and we'll get in touch!

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