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Q: What does the assignment status mean?

There are six possible assignment statuses:

  • Hidden - The assignment is neither viewable nor editable by students.
  • Viewable - Students can view the assignment.
  • Editable - Students can edit the assignment.
  • Graded - Student scores are displayed and the assignment is viewable.
  • Scored - Student scores are displayed but the assignment is hidden.
  • Assigned - The effect of this status varies based on the assign/due time and assignment kind.
    • Classword / Homework / Project - Viewable at any time but editable only between the assign/due time.
    • Quiz / Test - Editable only between the assign/due time. All other times the assignment is hidden.
    Assignments may be assigned with either the assign/due time unspecified. An unspecifed time produces no bound. For example, if a Project's assign time were Oct. 4, 2013 and the due time was unspecified then with the Assigned status, the Project would be viewable at any time but editable only after Oct. 4, 2013.

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